Entrance doors

The entrance doors are the most used in private homes.
Can these factories in:

− Solid wood
It is formed by: A solid wood soul. (In its entirety).
− Solid
It is formed: Plated in natural wood, with interior plywood and frame in solid wood.
− Semi-Solid
It consists of: Panel on both sides of 4 mm in natural veneer and plywood frame plywood.
− Hollow
It consists of: Panel both sides of about 4 mm or so. Boards in natural or laminated veneer. Frame of dm or similar, inside panel bee (cardboard or similar).

Security level

Reinforced door

The armored doors are the most commonly used solid interior plywood and two metal plates both sides. Must take into account:

What makes it more secure in an armored door is its lock.

that’s why we should always look for a lock, that avoids the manipulation of it.

Security level

Armored door

The armored door is the one with the most benefits. Door formed by a structure entirely made of steel.

Technical characteristics:

• Structure of the door completely made of steel.

• Boards finished in wood or other materials, possible to replace a wide range of models and finishes.

• Monoblock type frame.

Its main quality is its high resistance to any attack. They also come prepared for acoustic insulation. Weatherstrip (brush) For unevenness (in the case of unevenness in the ground).

Opening delimiter, and resistance to fire.

Security level